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Sharepoint Online Course Overview

SharePoint has started as simple server management tool to a sophisticated file sharing and management software suite. From the years SharePoint is being used by companies to maximize performance and to build incredible websites and many more. It has been changed over time by becoming more powerful and intensive with every iteration. The future of SharePoint looks better with the new innovations in the way for next generation users

Today, thousands of firms across the world use SharePoint every day for their daily operations.

Learn IT Training is the largest certification online training provider with global certified professionals. It is trusted online learning provider for career growth and training. We provide various online courses across the globe. All our Courses are designed and developed under a tried and tested distinctive Learning Framework.

It is highly recommended to have a certification regarding the field to which you want to build career. The SharePoint online course from Learn IT Training provides necessary skills and insight to configure and maintain SharePoint server environment participants gets best analytical learning such as enterprise content management, service application architecture, business intelligence solutions, implementing governance plan and other relevant skills pertaining to SharePoint Server 2013.

SharePoint provides users with a Microsoft Office-like look and feel, IT professionals and network administrators love it. It is a functional tool for collaboration, productivity and many enterprise based utilities. SharePoint Training makes it easier to create, share, collaborate on and manage documents from anywhere, on any device.

Perks of using SharePoint

  • We can access it from anywhere.
  • Instant communication with Link, Skype, and Office Suite combined into it.
  • SharePoint, a One Drive for Business.
  • SharePoint allows access to a greater amount of information

The Main Objective of SharePoint Online Training by Learn IT Training

  • Understand SharePoint 2013 capabilities and Architecture
  • Installation and configuration
  • Administration and Development
  • Use Farm and Sandbox solutions
  • Extend the SharePoint sites using the SharePoint App Model
  • Create custom sites, Apps / Lists and pages
  • Security
  • Programming with SharePoint API
  • Create the lists and libraries the SharePoint development tools in VS2012
  • Build solutions that run on the server and use the server side API
  • Use of three client object models (COMS) and implementations in SharePoint
  • Working on default and Custom workflows
  • Consume and interact with the external data sources with the help of BCS
  • Understand the search architecture and integrate
  • Use all Enterprise Content Management System(ECMS)

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